Welcome to Love & Lily Holistics
Welcome to Love & Lily Holistics
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About Us

Love and Lily Holistic’s started as a dream between a mother and daughter and has since then grown into a vision aimed to return the body to a state of natural balance.

Amber and her mother had a vision where they wanted to educate others on alternative medicine over modern medicine through a blend of organic herbs to naturally support the immune system.

After her mother’s passing, Amber had built upon their dream and created a variety of blended herbs to sooth the nerves, calm the mind and naturally heal the body.

With the amount of love that she had for her mother and the challenges that they had to overcome, she decided to help others by creating powerful healing remedies for future generations to come.

Love and Lily Holistic’s was named after Amber’s daughter Lily who was adored by her grandmother. And it all started with a dream between three generations. Mother, daughter and now, granddaughter.